Earned Schedule   Earned Schedule - An extension to Earned Value Management

Name: Walt Lipke
Organization: N/A (retired)
Email: waltlipke@cox.net
Telephone: 405-364-1594 / cell 405-570-0772
ES Experience: Creator of Earned Schedule (reference paper, “Schedule is Different”) / Author of several papers on ES and other EVM topics / Co-authored ES course / Several presentations made at IPMC and CPM conferences / Presentations made in Japan, United Kingdom, Sweden, and Australia / Application to multi-year defense software projects

Name: Kym Henderson
Organization: TBH Consultant Services (Australia)
Email: kym.henderson@gmail.com
Telephone: +61 2 8394 9192 / Mobile: +61 414 428 537 (preferred)
ES Experience: Independent verifier of Earned Schedule (reference paper, “Earned Schedule: A Breakthrough Extension to Earned Value Theory? A Retrospective Analysis of Real Project Data”) / Author of 3 papers / Co-authored ES course / Instructed ES as part of EVM course / Several presentations made at IPMC / Presentations made in US, United Kingdom and Australia / Application to small IT projects

Name: Dr. Robert Van De Velde
Organization: Project Flight Deck (www.projectflightdeck.com)
Email: Robert.VanDeVelde@ProjectFlightDeck.com
Phone: (905) 828-0508
ES Experience: Owns and operates Cloud app for collaborative schedule risk management using ES: www.Cloud4ES.com.  Assists organizations in introducing and using ES. Personally implemented ES on multiple programs and projects since 2007. Designs, builds, and sells ES tools. Published several ES articles, broadcasted an ES webinar, and made numerous ES presentations. Writes ES Blog: EarnedScheduleExchange.com.

Name: Ray W. Stratton, PMP, EVP
Organization: Management Technologies (www.mgmt-technologies.com)
Email: raystratton@mgmt-technologies.com
Telephone: 714-318-2231
ES Experience: Trainer in earned schedule application, published “Not Your Father’s Earned Value” in Projects@tWork (2/05) (http://www.projectsatwork.com/content/articles/222917.cfm) / published “Earned Value Management” in ICFAI University Press (1/06), conducted webcast on Earned Schedule for the PMI IT and Communications SIG (http://www.pmi-ittelecom.org/kb/webinars/062305_Stratton.asp) / published book The Earned Value Management Maturity Model®, the first book to treat ES in detail.

Name: Harry Sparrow
Organization: Performance Management Associates, Inc.
Email: hsparrow@pmassoc.com
Telephone: 707-967-0420
ES Experience: Consultant and instructor of Earned Value Management, including Earned Schedule / 2004 SCEA Conference presentation / recognized scheduling expert

Name: Dr. John Singley
Organization: US Army
Email: John.E.Singley@usace.army.mil
Telephone: 703-428-6219
ES Experience: Prepared Earned Schedule “emerging practice” input to the PMI Practice Standard for Earned Value Management, published 2004 (available through PMI Bookstore).  Past President and Vice- President of the PMI College of Performance Management.

Name: Stephan Vandevoorde
Organization: Fabricom GDF Suez (Logan Teleflex Belgium)
Email: stephan.vandevoorde@fabricom-gdfsuez.com
Telephone: +32 2 370 36 27 / Mobile: +32 478 25 47 61
ES Experience: Instructed ES as part of EVM course / Several presentations made on duration forecasting methods / Application to short duration IT and construction projects / Empirical verification of duration forecasting methods using EV/ES metrics /Academical research on duration forecasting methods / EV Research Website: http://www.projectmanagement.ugent.be/evms.php

Name: Dr. Mario Vanhoucke
Organization: Ghent University (Ghent, Belgium)
Email: mario.vanhoucke@ugent.be
Telephone: +32 9 210 9781
ES Experience: Instructed ES as part of EVM course / Several presentations made on duration forecasting methods / Empirical verification of duration forecasting methods using EV/ES metrics / Academical research on duration forecasting methods / EV Research Website: http://www.projectmanagement.ugent.be/evms.php

Name: Dr. Frank T. Anbari
Organization: Drexel University
Email: anbari@drexel.edu
Telephone: (215) 895-0928
ES Experience: Interest in time forecasting of projects / Published paper “Earned Value Project Management Method and Extensions, Project Management Journal, 2003 / Several presentations on the subject at various US and international conferences, including PMI® Congresses (Nashville, TN and Anaheim, CA), PMI® Chapters (Florida, Illinois, and New Jersey), IPMC (Tysons Corner, VA), PMI-CPM (Long Beach, CA), ProjectWorld (Chicago, IL), S.A.M.E. (Philadelphia and New York), PICMET (Portland, OR), IPMA (Russia), Caribbean and Latin American Conference (Trinidad), and NORDNET (Finland) / time forecasting taught as part of a course on EVM

Name: Robert M. Handshuh
Email: handshuh@juno.com
ES Experience: Author / Presenter of "New Concept in Earned Value - Earned Schedule" PMI® S/E Regional Conference 2005, Lockheed Martin Corporate EVMS Council, 2005, Integrated Program Management Conference, 2005 / Applied ES for independent evaluation of schedule risk on large projects.  ES as alternate method of evaluating schedule performance in EVM / Note - Presentations are the personal opinions and observations of Mr. Handshuh and may not reflect the policy or opinions of the Lockheed Martin Corporation or its management.

Name: Dr. Diego Navarro
Organization: Armell PM Solutions
Email: dnavarro@armell.com
Telephone: cell +34 651389916
ES Experience: Consultant and instructor of Earned Value Management, including Earned Schedule, in Spain.  Implementation of Earned Value and Earned Schedule Systems and creator of software integrations to be applied to small and medium IT projects.  Author of a weblog on Project Management (Spanish language), which includes his research results and insights into the Earned Schedule Technique (English and Spanish languages).

Name: Lew Hecht
Organization: L C Hecht Consulting
Email: lew@lchechtconsulting.com
Telephone: 607-765-2731 (cell)
ES Experience: Consultant for earned value management and earned schedule.  Performed study of how earned schedule techniques were used by the US Navy and the Defense Contract Management Agency to track a major contractor’s schedule performance on a maintenance trainer for US Navy helicopters (see presentation, “A Case Study of Earned Schedule to do Predictions“).  Experience includes: helicopters, radar systems, acoustic systems, maintenance trainers, communications, six sigma, statistical process control, and contamination control.  Other works of note: 4 US patents, 8 public domain inventions, and 11 published technical papers.

Name: Alex Davis
Organization: United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD)
Email: alex.davis507@mod.uk
Telephone: +44 (0) 30 679 80412
ES Experience: Co-author of the Association for Project Management (APM) Earned Schedule white paper.   Presented at the UK's premier Earned Value conference, EVA13 on Earned Schedule and risk management and the Earned Schedule workshop at EVA14 in 2009. Also presented an introduction to Earned Schedule at the APM Scottish Branch in early 2009.  Employed Earned Schedule on the design, development and fielding of a military communications system and an armoured vehicle platform for the British Army.  Currently a Programme Manager within the MoD Land Equipment area with responsibility for managing capability delivery performance for armoured Force Elements.

Name: Kotaro Mizuno
Organization: CEO-ESJ Ltd., (own company)
Email: kmamizuno@nifty.com
Telephone: +81 46 7320 774 / Mobile: +81 90 9311 0640
ES Experience: After working with IBM Japan for years, including project experiences at IBM Manassas Lab, VA, and IBM Canada Toronto Lab, primarily teach project management based on PMBOK in PMP preparatory class.  Consultant for project management of software development, focusing on EVM and ES.

Name: Mick Higgins
Organization: Xacom Ltd
Email: michael.higgins@xacom.co.uk
Telephone: +44 (0) 7702 254733
ES Experience: Previous roles have included consulting to the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence Nimrod MRA4 programme for the application of EVM including Earned Schedule.  Recently employed as EADS Eurocopter UK EVM & Risk Manager, an internal consultant for Earned Value and Risk Management

Name:  Mojtaba Zarei Kesheh  
Organization:  EVMS Consultants Limited
Email:  moj.zarei@evms-consultants.com 
Telephone:  +44 (0) 7828 126738   (cell) 
ES Experience: Consultant for Earned Value Management and Earned Schedule / Expert in Primavera P6, project planning, forensic planning, extension of time claims, practical implementation of EVM and ES / Academic research on time forecasting  and uncertainty management in construction projects / Co-author of papers on Uncertainty Management extensions to both EVM and ES/ Presentation made at the EVA Europe and EVM Europe Association conferences in Switzerland (CERN), Belgium and Spain.

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